t Peggy Levinson Consulting, my mission is to provide comprehensive and strategic advice for businesses in the design field. My focus is to make your business as functional and profitable as possible, by creating a roadmap of policy and practice and addressing what qualities make your business unique. I will be able to address all branches of the design business and the different concerns of each, including but not limited to: trade-only showrooms, interior designers and product development and marketing.

The design market has shifted in the past couple years with the growing use of e-commerce via the Internet. Peggy Levinson Consulting is here to help you bridge that gap and reach a broader audience while navigating the rapidly changing business environment. For example, assisting trade-only showrooms in reaching a broader buying audience without damaging the trade-only relationship, as well as aiding individuals who are creating their own products for the market place and need assistance in development, display and selling location(s).

In the past, interior designers have traditionally depended on a design trade discount in order to make a profit. However, today, this is nearly impossible. Trade showrooms have depended on the knowledge of design professionals to buy and not make costly mistakes. Special practices need to be enacted in order to protect the designer and also make allowances for one-off purchases. Peggy Levinson Consulting promotes the necessity of expertise and a professional approach to navigate the global enterprise of products, trends, quality and services.


PEGGY LEVINSON is the former design & style editor for D Magazine. Her firm helps interior design entrepreneurs find the right connections to build successful creative businesses.



Photo by: Bryan Chatlien